Our Services

While a student choosing a college in any country, he/she must take into consideration several factors like location, resources and support facilities, teaching staff, welfare service and also reasonable course fee as well as financial factors for furthering his/her studies. We offer various renowned colleges and universities to different countries. We value interdisciplinary approaches of earning and we are dedicated to offer the best possible education and training for the real world.

Our selected colleges and universities of various countries also provide all sorts of services for our students. The services are Airport pickup,Accomodation service, career advice, per-time job,Madical care, Credit transfer, English language support, payment of fees by instalment,scholarship,laibrary facilities and visa extension with various type of services provided by these mentioned colleges & universities.


We provide briefing about concerned education institute to the students and help them to select right course, subject and institute following academic career, special interest and financial solvency of a student.Moreover,we look after English Language proficiency of the students and guide the comparatively weaker students to improve English proficiency. And of course, we go for screening/evaluating of students documents.


� Confirmation of enrolment and all correspondences with the educational institutions.
� Bank formalities &remittance of tuition fees.
� To assist opening of file in a bank of the student, remittance of tuition fees and living expenses to the institution abroad as per Bangladesh Bank rule.
� Visa processing
� We assist visa application and processing after through checking of documents.


We do appeal by most experienced @efficient British Lawyer from UK. We have highest success rate in appeal for UK visa refusal. contact our Appeal Help desk (+88)01817012751,(+88)01731174006


Settlement is the process of adjustment your experience as you become established and independent in Australia. Migration can be the easiest way possible, if you take the assistance from a real service provider who has the practical experience living in Australia. Some migrants feel settled quite quickly, perhaps within six to twelve month. How quickly you settle into your new environment depend on a range of factors, such as your English ability, level of health, and whether you came as a skilled or family migrant or as a refugee. You will find the information you need to settle in Australia in this area.